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Real-time email verification solutions

For effective email campaigns and quality leads generation.

  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Always reach your prospect’s inbox
  • Better email marketing campaigns
  • Trusted validation services

Secure and encrypted

SSL security allows sensitive information to be transmitted securely.

Easy to use API

A simple yet sophisticated API that is easily integrated into your email validation.

Improved conversion

Better email deliverability and lower bounce rate for improved conversion rate.

Why should you keep a valid email address list?

You want to have even more effective email marketing campaigns – that’s why our purpose is to provide you with a quality email verification service. But first, you might be wondering why should you verify your emails in the first place? Well, an effective marketing campaign is not only influenced by the design of your email, but also by your sender reputation.



Validated emails increase your overall inbox placement rate

Sender reputation is basically how reputable email providers (such as Gmail, Yahoo or AOL) see your email address. Better sender reputation equals higher deliverability rate. So improving your sender reputation makes it a lot more likely that your emails arrive in your prospect’s inbox. If you suffer from a bad sender reputation, it’s very likely that your emails will not reach the inbox, and there is a chance that the email will not arrive at all.

Fortunately, improving your sender reputation is easy. All you need to do is to have the list of emails you receive from sign-up forms, contact forms and contact leads checked, verified and validated.

Validation service to know if emails are true

One of the most effective ways to increase conversions is e-mail marketing. The Data and Marketing Association reported that 66% of online consumers purchased something as a result of an email marketing message.

Acquiring email addresses of people who are genuinely interested in your services or products is valuable. That usually happens through opt-in forms, contact form, sign up forms. It is not very rare that a potential customer makes an honest mistake in their email when filling it in. It would be a waste to miss the connection they genuinely meant to make.

Better Sender Reputation

For better deliverability, our bulk validation tool will remove the following types of emails:

  • Duplicate addresses
  • Spam trap addresses
  • Non-existing e-mails
  • Complainers emails
  • Invalid syntax emails
  • Bouncing emails

Your emails in your customer’s inbox – always!

Checking all the emails you get is the most cost effective way to improve your email campaigns, quality of contact leads and conversion rate.

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